First date with the ballet

Little ballerina

A great starter pack for her first dance class! Beautifulgrace will ensure your future ballerinas comfort with high quality materials!

From years of experience as athletes and coaches, we know the importance of comfort in sportswear for both the self-esteem and the performance of competitors. That is precisely why Beautifulgrace’s team strives to create ballet and gymnastics clothing, which gives the maximum sense of freedom of the body in the whole range of movements of the discipline.

We use the most appropriate fabrics through a special technology and a cut that provides balerinas with comfort and confidence. At the same time, we offer a wide range of models guaranteeing a brilliant and impressive look. Our designers and tailors skillfully blend style and ease into each of the ready-made and custom-made models.

The pack includes leotard “Bella”, very easy to wear skirt “Ferria”, beautiful tutu skirt “Carousel” and warm vest “Elouis” for completed outfit! You’ll want this set in every color!

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