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In the vast world of rhythmic gymnastics, there are two names that don’t need an introduction – Eleonora Kezhova and Mariela Pashalieva.

Names which speak for themselves. Names worthy of being written down in ‘golden letters’ in the almanac of each new generation, and serve as an example and inspiration.
The accomplishments of these two athletes are countless. Neither one of them can give you a straightforward account of all her achievements without getting lost in the process.
Mariela Pashalieva made one of her dreams come true when she became the 1988 European Champion with the Bulgarian ensemble.

Eleonora Kezhova turned a new page in the history of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics when she climbed the honourable ladder with the rest of the girls from the Bulgarian ensemble during the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

However, there is one triumph they will always remember clearly because they scored it hand in hand, together. And that is the world cup won with the magnificent performance of our ensemble with 5 ribbons during the 2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Baku.

In the capital of Azerbaijan, Mariela Pashalieva was the Assistant Coach of the national team, and Eleonora Kezhova was one of Bulgaria’s ‘golden girls’.
In the years of their joint efforts, the relationship of these two ladies exceeded by far any established notions of work ethic, respect and trust between a coach and an athlete. What is more, Kezhova proudly calls her coach her ‘second mother’.
In 2014 their paths merged once again in Switzerland, where Pashalieva was the coach of the national team and she brought along her faithful disciple.
Sport is a way of life. Nay, sport is life. It creates life-changing friendships without which it would be hard to imagine even one more day of our lives. Sport was what brought Mariela and Eleonora together. It is their destiny. They continue on their way side by side to this day, years after their coach and player fairytale became part of history.
Because TOGETHER is much more than a perfect performance or an excellent score, much more than the ovation from the audience, or the glory and the limelight.


TOGETHER is trust. TOGETHER is love. TOGETHER is life itself.

Our team


Sport Line Elite

Graphic design

Established in 1995, the company Sport Line Elite Ltd has been specialising in the manufacturing of professional athletes sportswear, and in the last 10 years we have been working for the most prestigious athletes in the Republic of Bulgaria and internationally. Our sportswear is made predominantly with elastic fabrics with high number of elastane or Lycra fibres, depending on the make of the fabric. Among our customers are world and Olympian champions like Yordan Yovchev, our girls/women rhythmic gymnastics ensembles, Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviyski, Rumyana Neykova, Evgenia Radanova. Our company makes sportswear and uniforms for athletes in the following sports: rhythmic gymnastics, sport and aesthetic gymnastics, trampoline, acrobatics, figure skating, short track, rowing, canoeing, sport dancing.
Our Sport Line Elite uniforms have been worn at competitions of our national rhythmic gymnastics team in France, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, and by athletes from England, Germany, France, Greece, Canada, USA, Norway, etc. All leotards for gymnasts who have achieved high sports mastery are custom-made by our designer and are always consistent with the music and the requirements for each sport. In the last couple of years we have been adding Swarovski (Austrian producer) crystals to the leotards for some of the sports. We work with one of their representatives for Bulgaria.

Lydia Nickolova

Graphic design

Lydia Nickolova is a graphic designer specialised in the making of athlete sportswear and stage performance outfit models for sports such as rhythmic gymnastics, sport gymnastics, aesthetic gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, figure skating, synchronised swimming, circus art, etc.
Initially she only designed the models, but with time she expanded her business and bought equipment for sublimation printing and decoration which made possible the actual making of the model sketches she drew.
She gained popularity in the gymnastic circles with her work on projects for numerous clubs and teams of different nationalities, among which were national teams participating in Olympic competitions and other championships.
Her top customers are from different countries in Europe, Northern America, and Canada, but she has worked on projects from all around the globe.
Today she is the owner of a studio for sublimation printing and decoration.

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